We want to introduce you to some of our favorite people—local and international friends, as well as people and ministries we draw from and admire.
Read about them to get a better look at who we are and what we’re about.

Our Besties
Bob Pullar (& Marci)
Passion Ministries
Alan & Dorothy Langstaff
Cairos Ministries
James & Denise Jordan
Fatherheart Ministries
Doug & Karen Stanton
Doug Stanton Ministries International
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Local Friends
My Father's House Intl
Dr. Derek & Pat van der Merwe
Living Waters Church
Pastor Dave & Susie Weigel
Omega Team
Ian & Marie Peters
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Ransomed Heart
John & Stasi Eldredge
Bethel Church
Redding CA
Danny Silk
Jesus Culture
Bethel Music
Joyce Meyer
Rick Joyner
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